• Chú voi Dumbo
  • Chú voi Dumbo

    Chú voi Dumbo


    Đạo diễn:
    Samuel Armstrong
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    Phim Hoạt Hình,thể loại khác,phim HD
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    Phim Mỹ
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    Thông tin phim
    Mrs. Jumbo sadly looks on how babies are delivered by stork to colleague circus-animals but as even a baby elephant makes a most cumbersome package, so her so is just last to arrive, but soon becomes a laughing stock for the jealous herd because of his more then jumbo-size ears, so he gets nick-named Dumbo. When she can't stomach the public making fun of her firstborn, she is locked up as mad elephant, and the taunted kid finds himself all alone; well, except for a self-appointed mentor-protector, Timothy Q. Mouse -subsize, yet ideal to scare the jealous herd- who keeps motivating Dumbo.